Custom Embedded Computer Solutions

If our current products do not meet your design needs, give us a call. We can modify existing products or design a completely custom embedded computer or peripheral board. Because our engineers have extensive experience in design of embedded systems, we can reduce the risk associated with your embedded project and decrease your time to market.

Control Automation, Inc. has been designing embedded solutions for many years. We are experienced in assisting customers with both embedded computer and software design. We have assisted customers to develop solutions in semiconductor processing, manufacturing process control, MMI, website hosting, data gathering and temperature testing.

Our engineers are experienced in Field Programmable Gate Array (FGPA) solutions. FGPA technology improves time to market, reduces cost and helps protect your solution from end of life issues associated with proprietary chips.

If your solution requires software development, our engineers have extensive experience in DOS, Linux, C, C++, Java, PERL and other programming languages.

We are ready to help you develop a complete embedded solution, at the lowest risk, the lowest cost and the quickest time to market.

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