CAI-500 Specifications

CAI-500 Low Cost PID Temperature Controller

2" x 2.5" card mounts directly to standard solid state relay to form a complete isolated PID temperature controller. The CAI-500 can control  100+ Amp loads @ 240/480VAC.

The CAI-500 provides thermocouple isolation from ground of greater than 2,500V for demanding applications. Greater then 160dB 50/60 Hz noise rejection provides reliable operation for high noise, high common mode voltage applications. Thermocouple inputs feature cold junction compensation, offset calibration for correcting sensor inaccuracies and T/C upscale break detection. Most thermocouple types (J, K, R, S, N, T, B are supported).  Thermocouples are linearized to 0.5   C.

RS-485 Serial link supports industry standard Modbus communication protocol connect up 32 controllers on a 3 wire cable (more with a repeater). Form a complete multi-channel control system by daisy-chaining a RS-485 link to a PC or embedded controller. Baud rates to 115Kbaud.

The on-board watch dog timer for provides unattended restart for reliable power fail restart operation in case of an unexpected microprocessor or system failure.

Included software has a PC Windows Demo Program written in Visual Basic (with source code). Communicates with any Modbus driver using Hex mode protocol.

All parameters stored in permanent EEProm storage. No batteries are required to prevent loss during power cycles. Commands to set and read temperature, setpoint, PID parameters, thermocouple type, address, maximum power, temperature range, Baud rate, etc. are stored in the non-volatile EEProm memory.

  • Accepts all thermocouple types J, K, R, S, N, T, B etc.
  • Thermocouples linearized to 0.5 C
  • Full proportional, integral, derivative (PID) control algorithm
  • High accuracy, 16 bit resolution
  • High 160dB 50/60 Hz noise rejection provides reliability for high noise operation
  • 2,500V isolation from ground
  • No calibration required. Just select thermocouple type and your ready to go
  • Resolution to less then 0.1 degrees C
  • High sample rate 7 samples per second
  • Support for temperature rise rate control
  • Support for power soft start
  • Built-in watchdog timer
  • +12VDC unregulated input power at 50ma
  • Low cost, but high performance

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