CAI-212 Specifications

CAI-212 32 bit Programmable Parallel I/O

The CAI-212 32-bit Programmable Parallel Card provides 32 digital input/output channels.  This card provides expansion capabilities to the CAI-203 enabling system designers to provide an additional 32 channels of programmable I/O.  Each output is capable of sourcing or sinking 0.1 amp of current at up to 15V. 

The CAI-212 is iSBX compatible and designed to work with the CAI-203.  I/O lines can easily be connected utilizing the on-board 64 position ribbon connector.  The 64 position ribbon cable provides the same pin-out as Opto-22 style I/O racks.  Two CAI-212 can be stacked on top of one another with a clearance between cards.

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