CAI-203 Specifications

CAI-203 40Mhz Process Control Computer Board

The CAI-203 is a powerful x86 programmable single board computer with 64 bits of high power I/O, 4 RS232/485 Comm ports, 4 iSBX ports and 512 Kbytes of battery backed ram.  The board is easily programmed using C/C++. The CAI-203 is designed to be used as an embedded controller for industrial and process control applications.

Processor Intel 80C186EB -  16-bit, 40Mhz
Onboard Memory 512K bytes, battery backed
COM Ports 4 - RS-232/485 serial ports, up to 115K Baud
I/O Ports 4 - iSBX Ports
64 programmable control channels
0 - 15 volts, 0.1 amp sink/source
Development Software Paradigm C++ development environment
Boot Software Stored in flash memory
Easily updated through PC serial port.
Fail Safe
  • Battery backed memory - prevents data loss during power outages.

  • Built-in watchdog timer restarts system in the event of power glitches.

Size 7" x 9"
Reliable Field proven - hundreds in use around the world!
  • CAI-201 -- 16 channel thermocouple interface

  • CAI-210 -- 32 channel analog input/output

  • CAI-212 -- 32 bit programmable parallel I/O

  • CAI-216 -- 16 channel differential temperature sensor inputs

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