CAI-201 Specifications

CAI-201  16 Channel Thermocouple Interface Board


The CAI-201 Thermocouple Interface Card provides terminal blocks for easy thermocouple connection and contains the thermocouple cold junction compensation circuitry.  A 50 pin ribbon cable connects the Thermocouple Interface Card to the CAI-216.  In addition, five analog (-5VDC to +5VDC) inputs are provides at the 34-pin connector (J2) provides for additional analog input monitoring.

Thermocouple Upscale Jumpers: The TC Interface Card has resistors that drive the thermocouple voltage upscale in the event of an open thermocouple circuit.  This prevents the zone temperature from “running away” if the thermocouple fails.  Jumper terminals (JP1 to JP16) are provided to enable this function.


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