Precision Temperature Measurement & Control

Control Automaton develops products for machine or process control applications that typically require multiple temperature control or monitoring zones.  These products finds uses in semiconductor manufacturing equipment, plastics processing equipment, heat treating, electronic packaging equipment, food processing equipment, medical processing, solder re-flow and many other types of industries.  Our products offer unique, cost effective solutions for today's demanding process control applications.

Temperature Measuring and Control Systems

Temperature is one of the most common real-world characteristics that system designers need to measure. Many industrial processes, from steel manufacturing to semiconductor fabrication, depend on precise temperature measurement and control. Thermocouple temperature measurements are a common method of analyses of the thermal processes. Typical computer controlled measuring  systems consisted of a high performance data acquisition system and a control computer.  Since most of these systems operate in an industrial environment, a number of specifications such as high noise rejection, accurate linearization, auto calibration, ground isolation are imperative for reliable operation.  Control Automation, Inc. has been developing temperature measuring systems for demanding industrial applications for many years and understands these challenges.

Typical Specifications for Temperature Measuring and Control Systems
  • Accepts most thermocouple types J, K, E, R, S, N, T, B, C.

  • Thermocouples linearized to 0.5 degrees C

  • Resolution to less then 0.1 degrees C

  • Full proportional, integral, derivative (PID) control algorithm

  • High accuracy, 16 bit resolution

  • High 160dB 50/60 Hz noise rejection provides reliability for high noise operation

  • 2,500V isolation from ground

  • No calibration required. Just select thermocouple type and your ready to go

  • High sample rate: 7 - 10 samples per second

  • Support for temperature rise rate control

  • Support for power soft start

Low Cost PID Temperature Controller

2" x 2.5" card mounts directly to standard solid state relay to form a complete isolated PID temperature controller. The CAI-500 can control  100+ Amp loads @ 240/480VAC.

For demanding applications the CAI-500 provides thermocouple isolation from ground of greater than 2,500V, greater then 160dB 50/60 Hz noise rejection and very high common mode voltage operation. Thermocouple inputs feature cold junction compensation, offset calibration for correcting sensor inaccuracies and T/C upscale break detection. Most thermocouple types (J, K, E, R, S, N, T, B, C are supported).  Thermocouples are linearized to 0.5   C.

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Embedded Control Systems for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's)

Control Automation, Inc. offers flexible off-the-shelf computing platforms that can be readily configured to meet the processing, I/O, communications and graphics needs of a variety of different applications. These platforms are typically used by design engineers to build high-performance computer controlled machines and industrial engineers to optimize plant operations.

The core of this flexible computing platform is the CAI-203, a high performance x86 industrial programmable controller. This flexible computing platform combines the capabilities of traditional PC-based controllers, with custom hardware and expansion capabilities to provide a highly customizable off-the-shelf embedded computer system.

If we don't have a standard product that fits your needs you can take advantage of our expertise through our custom embedded system design services.
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